McDonald’s Metaverse Pop-Up Gaming Experience

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  • published 2022.10.13 updated 2023.11.08
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McDonald’s partners OfflineTV for a unique VR promotion campaign

A fully-rendered digital twin of a real-life pop-up space

A virtual gaming space for fans arounf the world

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for companies to stay relevant and connect with their audiences in new ways. That’s why McDonald’s, in partnership with gaming group OfflineTV, decided to take their latest promotion to the next level by creating a unique pop-up gaming experience in the metaverse.
Our Polycount team had a challenging task to create a metaverse twin of a real-life pop-up store launched by McDonald’s and OfflineTV. To accommodate the thousands of fans from all over the world who were unable to attend the opening of the physical store, they designed a virtual gaming space filled with custom OfflineTV gaming stations. To engage the fans even further, Polycount built and launched a virtual scavenger hunt with winners receiving real-world prizes.
The metaverse pop-up store proved wildly successful with almost 5,000 minutes worth of user engagement inside the activation. Fans were able to participate in the VR scavenger hunt for a chance to win exclusive digital merchandise, interact with the OfflineTV crew through life-like avatars, and leave them notes on a virtual sticky note wall. By working with OfflineTV, McDonald’s is able to connect with a younger audience and showcase diverse stories and creators who reflect the diverse backgrounds of its customers.


Exclusible and Polycount teaming up

About Polycount

Polycount is a creative design agency specializing in creation of Immersive 3D environments, Digital Twins and AR experiences. Founded in 2000, the studio offers 200 years of collective 3D experience designing and building for two dozen Fortune 500 companies.

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Exclusible is a tech and experiential studio that builds a new generation of the web via focusing on three verticals: Roblox, immersive experiences and Web3.. The company offers brands endless opportunities by pushing the boundaries of gaming, virtual activities and innovation.