The Power of Roblox UGC Assets

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“Digital fashion is transforming how people design, style, and share their creations with other people in an increasingly online world. And Roblox is transforming how digital fashion gets created and reaches its consumer, democratizing access to fashion design and self-expression” – Karlie Kloss, 2023 Roblox Digital Expressions Report

For brands seeking to harness the power of Roblox and Gen Z’s love for self expression, UGC assets aren’t an option, but a strategic necessity. Exclusible stands ready to guide brands navigate the platform’s full potential, from enabling them to build immersive experiences to curating UGC collections. Dive into our article to discover the importance of UGC assets, explore the platform's marketplace, and learn how brands can leverage this creative powerhouse.

What is Roblox?

Roblox has an innovative approach to gaming by empowering users to craft their own digital experiences and explore a vast universe of user-generated content. Launched in 2006, Roblox has since captivated millions with its unique blend of social interaction and diverse array of genres that cater to every taste from simulation to role-playing and adventure.

Central to Roblox’s success is Roblox Studio, an intuitive game development environment that grants users unprecedented creative control. With Studio, Roblox democratizes game creation, opening the door to a new generation of developers to bring their most ambitious ideas to life, from creating complex immersive worlds to simple virtual assets. Moreover, Roblox enables developers to monetize their creations, providing a pathway for them to earn real-world rewards.

Available across multiple platforms, Roblox fosters a thriving community of players, developers, and creators. It is a hub for creativity, where individuals from all walks of life come together to share experiences and forge friendships.

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What are UGC Assets?

UGC assets refer to the various items, accessories, clothing, and other digital content created by users within Roblox. These assets are designed and uploaded by players using Roblox Studio, and can be sold or traded within the Roblox economy.

UGC assets can include a wide range of items such as hats, shirts, pants, gear, animations, decals, and more. They allow players to customize their avatars, decorate their virtual spaces, and enhance their gaming experiences on Roblox. UGC has become an integral part of the Roblox ecosystem, enabling creators to monetize their creations and providing players with a diverse array of options for personalizing their in-game characters and environments.

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What is the Roblox Marketplace?

The Roblox marketplace is a catalog of avatar-related items on Roblox where users can buy, sell, and trade various virtual items such as clothing and accessories. It allows players to customize their avatars and enhance their gaming experience by purchasing items created by both Roblox itself and by other users within the Roblox community. This marketplace serves as a key component of the Roblox economy, enabling users to monetize their creativity and providing a diverse range of options for players to personalize their in-game experiences.

Roblox recently decided to open its doors wider, eliminating its previous application-only barrier. By democratizing access to the marketplace, Roblox is empowering a new wave of creators to share their vision with the world. To maintain the marketplace’s standard of quality amidst this influx of talent, a thoughtful approach has been taken with the introduction of a refundable upfront publishing fee. This ensures that while the gates are open to all, quality remains a priority, guaranteeing that every addition to the marketplace enriches the Roblox experience for players old and new alike.

Source: Roblox Marketplace

The Power of UGC Assets

With 71.5 million daily active users, Roblox boasts a vibrant community of individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning all ages and corners of the globe. Predominantly loved by the younger demographics, with 67% of its users under 16, Roblox is a playground for Gen Z’s limitless creativity and self-expression, evident in the passionate customization of their avatars. An astounding 56% of Gen Z prioritize styling their virtual selves over their physical appearance. This passion fuels a burgeoning market for virtual fashion, with 1.6 billion fashion items and accessories purchased in 2023 alone, marking a 15% increase from the previous year. Moreover, the platform witnessed a staggering 165 billion avatar updates, signaling a 38% rise, underscoring the significance of self-expression in the digital realm.

Brands can harness Gen Z’s love for self-expression through UGC assets to drive traffic to their experiences. Considering the financial constraints of younger players, offering free UGC assets becomes a strategic move for brands. By integrating challenges in the experiences to unlock these assets, brands lead players to invest playtime instead of money, resulting in the improvement of the experience’s player engagement and retention.

Limited availability of these free items amplifies their desirability, driving additional traffic to the experience. The effects of releasing virtual items extend beyond Roblox, transcending onto platforms like TikTok and Discord. The allure of exclusive and trendy UGC assets fuels a culture of sharing and consumption on social media, expanding the reach of branded experiences both within and beyond Roblox. Limited-edition items capitalize on the fear of missing out (FOMO), enticing players to engage with the brand’s offerings and further amplifying its visibility.

However, not all free and limited UGC items yield equal results, sometimes an original concept triumphs, while other times simplicity reigns supreme. One particularly famous UGC asset on Roblox in 2023 was the Croc On Your Head from Crocs World Tycoon. This head accessory, a popular category within Roblox, cleverly places the brand at the forefront in a playful and unconventional manner.

Moreover, a good side benefit of UGC branded items is transforming avatars into walking billboards for the brand. This organic advertising not only enhances brand visibility but also influences other players to invest in the same items.

While UGC assets are primarily being used as a strategy to enhance reach, engagement and retention, it also presents monetization opportunities for brands. Despite the inherent challenges of revenue generation on Roblox, leveraging digital fashion and merchandise can serve as a viable avenue to offset development costs and explore new revenue streams.

Furthermore, Roblox provides an ideal playground for brands to experiment with trends and concepts. Leveraging UGC, brands can test the waters of emerging trends and preferences within the digital space, all without the constraints and risks associated with real-world trials. By immersing themselves in the Roblox universe, brands gain invaluable insights into what resonates with the younger demographic, helping them fine-tune their marketing strategies accordingly.

Source: Roblox Survey September 2023

Roblox Avatar Shops

Numerous prominent brands, such as Gucci, Adidas, and Hugo Boss, have recognized the power of branded UGC assets, leveraging them to improve their experiences. However, a select few brands have taken UGC assets to the forefront of their strategy by establishing Roblox Avatar Shops such as Olivia Rodrigo, Nicky Minaj and Alo Yoga. These are similar to custom-built experiences but prioritize the sale of UGC assets over gameplay. Within these shops, users can experiment with clothing, collaborate on outfit combinations with friends, and engage with others, all while shaping Roblox’s fashion scene. This genre of gaming has captured the hearts of Gen Z, with Catalog Avatar Creator leading the pack with over 1.7 billion visits and more than 1 million daily active users.

Catalog Avatar Creator
Catalog Avatar Creator

Discover the Power of UGC assets with Exclusible

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