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About Amedeo

The art of cameo crafting is very rarely mastered, even by the most highly skilled jewellers. This ancient method of carving an object or gem into a timeless piece of jewellery is one that still perplexes most professionals with its intricacy. Cameos continue a tradition that began before pictures existed. Their valuable materials and intricate handwork by skilled artisans meant that only a select few - mainly royals and aristocrats - could afford to commission them. However, their priceless stones and artistry were not the only reasons behind their extraordinary prices. Instead, their true worth comes from their link to human emotions. Prior to smartphones and photo albums, cameos were one of the only methods that allowed aristocrats to carry a “picture” of their loved ones with them. Most often the piece was worn as a necklace, close to the wearer's heart. 

Being situated between Naples, Pompeii and Capri, the small Italian town of Torre del Greco has a long history of cameo craftsmanship, starting in the ancient Roman civilisation. For thousands of years emperors would get their faces carved into precious stones as a sign of ultimate luxury. Coming from that area, the Scognamilio family has mastered and protected the art of cameo for six generations. From the early 1800s to today, its members have ensured the survival and evolution of this artistry, adjusting it to modern needs. A sixth-generation Scognamilio, Amedeo was quickly immersed into this rare art while working for his family business, M+M SCOGNAMIGLIO, from the age of 14. Continuing this 160-year-old craft, he mastered new techniques and worked with the most precious materials. While observing clients, he quickly understood that cameos still played a very important role in modern society.

At 29 years old, he decided to start his own journey, founding FARAONE MENNELLA by RFMAS and AMEDEO with his childhood friend and partner, Roberto Faraone Mennella. Both brands introduced intricate designs made with high-end materials and quickly became two of the most celebrated haute joaillerie houses in the world. 

Scognamilio’s mission for AMEDEO has been revolutionary from its very inception. Already familiar with perfecting the art of traditional cameos, the designer set his vision on modernizing this unique type of jewelry. Indeed, the DNA of AMEDEO could not be stronger. The brand’s innovative vision glamorously combines the classic handcrafted nature of cameos with alternative materials and contemporary, playful designs. Aimed at fostering fun in traditional jewelry, the designs demonstrate a passionate appreciation for Italy and nature. Usual iconography includes apes, monkeys, and skulls paired with unconventional accents, resulting in an unconventionally unique aesthetic. Apart from women’s designs, AMEDEO is also a well-known leader in the male accessories category, celebrated for creating “hype” handcrafted pieces worn by the world’s best-dressed men.

AMEDEO’s modern vision instantly turned heads in celebrity and fashion circles. Style icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, Meryl Streep, and Rihanna rushed to wear the brand's custom pieces, while industry leading publications such as Vogue, Elle, the New York Times, and W Magazine featured AMADEO’s cameos in their glossy editorials. What followed was nothing short of sensational, with most of the world’s prestigious boutiques requesting the presence of AMEDEO in their luxury spaces. 

The brand’s exclusive jewelry can currently be found in Paris, NYC, London, and Moscow inside historic establishments such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Harrods and many more. Embracing technology and e-commerce, the brand is also present on the web pages of prominent e-tailers like Luisaviaroma, Net-a-Porter, and ModaOperandi. However when it came to choosing its own headquarters, the jewelry maison naturally chose the idyllic island of Capri, while another location at he exclusive neighborhood of New York City’s Upper East Side is currently serving the American market.