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Rooted to strong ideals, luxury represents confidence, values and ultimately, freedom. It is quite rare for two emblematic giants to connect their houses, but it is even rarer for them to enter an entirely new chapter in luxury together. Asprey and Bugatti took many by surprise when they announced a new coveted collaboration with Exclusible for an exclusive NFT drop. Combining centuries of heritage with cutting edge technology, the luxurious collection is focusing on the true essence of two historic brands. Originating from France and Great Britain, each has become a master of their respective industry over the last centuries. Today, Asprey and Buggatti invite us to discover more about their past, present and future.

Even though the story of Asprey officially begins in 1781, one could argue that it’s origins are as old as humanity’s need for beauty. Indeed, the iconic English maison has mastered the art of creating and delivering beautiful objects in multiple different categories. Prestigious watches, timeless leather goods, ready to wear, works of art and iconic jewelry, all share their lavish luxurious nature as their common denominator. Naturally, the upper echelons of society took notice. Asprey quickly became one of the first choices for the world’s most demanding clients, including royalty. The maison’s hand crafted masterpieces, precious stones and coveted leathers pose as the ultimate canvas, on which tradition is skillfully combined with innovation. Noticed by Queen Victoria of England, Asprey has been awarded with a Gold Medal and a Royal Warrant for it’s work. 242 years later, the maison continues to push the envelope in innovation with their latest collaboration.