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Let There Be Light by Alpine x Obvious

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Case study
  • ID PMS.23.D P 1016001
  • WHEN November 2022
  • WHAT

    Merging algorythmic art with AI

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AI artistry and Luxury car

Mixing Racing Legacy With InnovativeTech

Alpine digital collection launch with end-to-end project management, tech/distribution/marketing support.

– 1,5k free items distributed in 3 minutes
– 70k EUR of digital assets sold
– 0 to 50k Twitter followers in 3 weeks

Alpine is the French luxury carmaker known for its racing heritage and technological advancements. The company has launched a unique collection, “Let There Be Light”, that merges algorithmic creation with AI art. These digital assets result from the collaboration between Alpine and Obvious, a Paris-based digital art collective renowned for their AI work. Both brands share a mutual aspiration to apply innovation in a bid to reimagine familiar experiences.
At the core of this exclusive art collection stands the AI-designed Sastruga sports car. It was created in partnership with Obvious and presented at the Art Paris Fair in 2022. Taking inspiration from Alpine’s racing history, Obvious utilized generative adversarial networks (GANs) to generate a spectrum of new racetrack designs.
They converged into an imaginative circuit, reflecting the interplay of air and speed on an abstract course. This symbolic sastruga phenomenon, reminiscent of wind-carved snow, forms the basis of the artistic vision. Mathematical signatures on items represent the algorithms behind the creations.

Alpine x Obvious
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Key sales results

Exclusible’ strategic approach to marketing Alpine digital collection focused on mixing the best of Web3 options with organic engagement. By collaborating with prominent Web3 communities and platforms, Exclusible launched a whitelist giveaway, distributing 1,500 entry-level assets for free. This strategy gained substantial attention and nurtured the community of Alpine holders. Within three weeks, the project’s Twitter page registered 50,000 followers.
Key sales results:
– a legendary digital asset sold at $22.5K,
– 21 ultra-rare digital asset sold at $2.25K each,
– distribution of 1,500 free digital assets in 3 minutes.

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