Asprey Bugatti NFT Collection

What’s inside

About the Drop
The first masterpiece handcrafted by Asprey holds true to the values of the remarkable automobile it pays tribute to. The Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, created by the French luxury brand founder’s eldest son, Jean Bugatti, represented the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication in the pre-war era. Just four examples were built. The fourth Bugatti Atlantic, the missing all-black “La Voiture Noire”, has acquired near-mythical status. 

Seven decades after it vanished, the iconic car influenced Bugatti’s designers and engineers to create one of the most unique vehicles of the modern age: the one-off La Voiture Noire hyper sports car. Now, the contemporary Bugatti La Voiture Noire provides the inspiration for an equally exclusive Asprey Bugatti Collection.

Like the La Voiture Noire, one single sculpture will be created, ensuring an unparalleled level of exclusivity by NFT technology. Only the most precious of materials will be used to form the sculpture, handmade in 24k rose gold and mounted upon a bespoke, handcrafted base, finished in the iconic signature colors of Asprey and Bugatti. Asprey offers a seamless blend of technological innovation and time-honored craftsmanship in the creation of its objets d’art. To reach the epitome of excellence, Asprey’s in-house silversmiths will dedicate approximately four months at their workshop in London to the creation of the sculpture.

The NFT accompanying the La Voiture Noire-inspired sculpture will be the most exclusive and highest value element of the entire collection and will be linked to the physical masterpiece visually via a QR code and unique serial identifier.

In addition, the creative collaboration will also deliver a series of 261 smaller yet highly exclusive sterling silver sculptures, each with NFTs. The number 261 has been selected as it is the top speed of La Voiture Noire in mph. NFTs will be visually linked to each sculpture and via a QR code in the same way as the one-of-one sculpture. Owners will be able to login to a dedicated microsite,, and follow the production process of their sculptures by Asprey’s master artisans. The physical sculptures will feature different color bases depending upon the NFT minted. Each colored base will relate to the iconic brand colors of Asprey and Bugatti, representing the partnership and history of both brands.

The exclusive collection will be releasing in March on, with auction details to follow.
About the Collab
In partnership with the two prestigious luxury brands, originating in France and Great Britain, Exclusible has secured 130/261 Asprey Bugatti NFTs. Since we always have our loving community in our mind and heart, those very special digital assets will be pre-sold to a few lucky Alpha & Theia holders.

Each Asprey Bugatti NFT will have a fixed price of 3 ETH, with incredible utilities and rewards. In fact, the lucky owners of a special and truly one of a kind NFT will be able to claim a prestige sculpture of a famous BUGATTI model, designed, developed, and crafted with cutting-edge production techniques at Asprey’s new Digital Studio.