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925 Genesis MOOD by Christofle

  • digital asset
  • luxury
  • phygital
  • Spatial
Case study
  • ID MSO.22.D L P 0502001
  • WHEN May 2022
  • WHAT

    Telling brand’s story via digital collection

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Exploring The Fusion Of Tradition, Elegance And Innovation

Christofle Brings Artisanal Craft To The Metaverse

Support of Christofle’s digital collection launch with end-to-end project management and tech/distribution/marketing services:
– 529 digital assets sold in 5 minutes for 107k EURO revenue
– Exclusive product available only for holders
– Branded quest on the Sandbox

Sandbox experience:
– Custom metaverse created by Exclusible
– Gamification aligned with the brand identity
– 56,400 users and 451,000 minutes spent in the space

Founded in 1830 by Charles Christofle,

the brand’s vision was captured in one phrase, “”Only one quality: the best.”” Christofle has continually reinvented itself, adorning tables worldwide with elegance and impeccable attention to details. Through collaborations with renowned designers, the brand mixes heritage and modernity to create artful pieces. In 2015, Christofle launched the innovative MOOD collection which redefined dining aesthetics.
Staying true to its longing for innovation, Christofle took a bold step into the metaverse. The result was a limited-edition digital series inspired by the iconic “MOOD by Christofle” collection.
500 generative items, developed in collaboration with Exclusible and digital artists, created a virtual storytelling about the history of the brand. Each asset was meticulously crafted to offer collectors an authentic and immersive digital experience reflecting Christofle’s DNA.


Metaverse Quest by Exclusible x Christofle in The Sandbox)

The social hub as a beautiful Exclusible Hotel with an outdoor garden.
Mini-game feat. Christofle eggs:
– Before the game, the player interacts with an NPC representing Charles Christofle, who introduces the brand and the upcoming digital collection
– 10 Christofle eggs are spread over the in-game map
– Players will have to explore the space and collect as many Christofle eggs as possible. There are several levels of rarity of the eggs: silver,
pink gold and gold
– The higher the rarity level, the harder it is to find the egg:6 Silver – very easy. 3 Pink Gold – easy. 1 Gold – difficult
– Players who will collect all eggs will enter a raffle to win 25 whitelist spots for the Christofle digital collection.

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Crypto Cameos Digital Collection by Amedeo

  • digital asset
  • fashion
  • jewelry
Case study
  • ID MSO.22.D F J 0302001
  • WHEN March 2022
  • WHAT

    The digital future of jewelry