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Crypto Cameos Digital Collection by Amedeo

  • digital asset
  • fashion
  • jewelry
Case study
  • ID MSO.22.D F J 0302001
  • WHEN March 2022
  • WHAT

    The digital future of jewelry

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Digital Jewelry of the future

Amedeo’s Jewelry (r)Evolution
Amedeo digital collection launch with end-to-end project management, tech/distribution/marketing support:
– 1000 digital assets sold out
– 300k EURO revenue
– Phygital drop
– Access to AR filter and special in-store services
Amedeo, a visionary jewelry brand known for crafting innovative cameos, has redefined the jewelry industry once again. With a history of pushing boundaries from 2006, when Scognamilio revitalized cameos as modern heirlooms, Amedeo readily embraced opportunities of metaverse.
Drawing from its luxurious, playful, and unique vision, the brand has launched a groundbreaking digital collection that represents the future of jewelry.
The Crypto Cameos Digital Collection is a blend of history, modernity, and innovation. It consists of 1000 meticulously crafted items, each boasting distinct levels of rarity. This unique collaboration has set the stage for the phygital future of the jewelry industry. Collectors who minted sets of 5 digital Cameos received a tangible reward—an exquisite Cameo Cap. This dynamic integration of digital ownership with physical rewards exemplifies the brand’s commitment to providing an unparalleled, multi-dimensional experience.

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  • fashion
  • luxury
Case study
  • ID MSO.23.D F L 0518001
  • WHEN May 2023
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