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Metaverse Penthouse by Exclusible

  • digital asset
  • metaverse
Case study
  • ID PMS.22.D M 0715001
  • WHEN June 2022
  • WHAT

    Digital Real Estate for Events

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Exclusible Penthouses: Luxury Digital Event Spaces

Hosting, Displaying And Streaming In Style

2500 Penthouses sold = 100k unique visitors

The launch of the our very own collection of luxury spaces in the Metaverse:
– 2500 Penthouses sold
– $1.2m revenue
– 100k unique visitors
– 10 min average time session in the penthouse (+1000% compared to average websites)
– Unlimited use cases (from press events to treasure hunts)
Exclusible Penthouses are 500 sq m-equivalent spaces for hosting
online meetups and events with up to 50 guests. These luxury digital real estate pieces allow owners to showcase their collections as artworks in the personalized environment. The screening room supports both prerecorded short films and live stream functionality.
The Exclusible Penthouses are available in three color variations
(Quartz, Ruby, Obsidian), and come with different panoramic views
including Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai, and New Caledonia.
Exclusible Penthouses were created in collaboration with Spatial, a photorealistic metaverse platform for curated Web3 projects. Exclusible Penthouses became the first luxury real estate space on Spatial.

Exclusible Digital Real Estate
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Reves de Soie Digital Collection by Christian Lacroix

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  • fashion
  • luxury
  • metaverse
  • phygital
Case study
  • ID PMS.22.D F L M P 0718001
  • WHEN July 2022
  • WHAT

    Celebrating 35 Years with a Digital Collection