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Untraditional Collection by Hogan

  • digital asset
  • fashion
  • metaverse
Case study
  • ID PMS.22.D F M 0316001
  • WHEN March 2022
  • WHAT

    Hogan’s Digital Art Collab: Reimagining Tradition

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A Fusion Of Fashion, Music And Technology

Dance Battles in Metaverse With Phygital Rewards

2500 Penthouses sold = 100k unique visitors

Support of Hogan digital collectibles launch with end-to-end project management and tech/distribution/marketing services:
– 500 digital assets sold in less than 24h
– $160k revenue
– Access to irl and digital events, personalized in-store experience
– First-ever dance competition in metaverse; 11000 unique visitors
Hogan, a brand known for dynamic and unconventional footwear,
originated from a vision of Andrea Della Valle in 1986. Inspired by the NY lifestyle, Della Valle created luxury sneakers that combined style and comfort, pioneering a segment that would later dominate the market. Over the years, Hogan expanded its product line to leather bags, apparel, and accessories.
After three decades of innovation, Hogan came up with digital artists’ collaboration to re-launch its iconic “Hogan Traditional” sneaker model.
The initiative featured works of Silvio Rondelli, Yoann De Geetere, Linear, Vincent Ghiotti, and Finn Berenbroek, curated by Brawhaus creative studio. Their creative expressions were translated into digital collectibles, revealing a playful dimension in Hogan’s brand identity. This collaborative effort also contributed to the brand’s sustainable practices.
The digital collection launch offered loyal Hogan fans a unique
opportunity to own an everlasting piece of the brand, securely stored on the blockchain. Immersive features, such as augmented reality functions and virtual asset usability, elevated the digital experience while preserving Hogan’s heritage.


Metaverse experience

Exclusible organized the first-ever metaverse dance competition,
featuring legendary Bob Sinclar. The event was hosted on the Decentraland platform, lasted 90 minutes and attracted 11000 unique visitors.
– Bob Sinclar concert
– Dance competition
– 10000 free wearables.

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925 Genesis MOOD by Christofle

  • digital asset
  • luxury
  • phygital
  • Spatial
Case study
  • ID PMS.22.D L P 0502001
  • WHEN May 2022
  • WHAT

    Telling brand’s story via digital collection