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There is a certain kind of magic surrounding Haute Horlogerie. Built with cuttingedge technology and made from precious materials, high-end watches are valuable investments and unique heirlooms. As an industry pioneer, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet is the pure representation of the exclusive and rare timepiece experience. Heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation are rooted in the core of this historic brand, which was founded by the man who changed watchmaking forever. Born in 1768, Louis Moinet left his mark as one of the most important innovators of the 19th century. Quite the multifaceted person, Louis lived between France, Switzerland, and Italy, where he mastered classical arts, education, fine stone engraving, and ultimately watchmaking. His work quickly became well-known and admired by the most important people of his time, including Napoleon and the Queen of France. 

After collaborating with the most celebrated institutions and scientists of the era, Louis Moinet dedicated his life entirely to watchmaking from 1800 onwards. As a maker of precision instruments, he was involved in maritime, astronomical, and civilian horology, and he developed several important new improvements. It was his love for the exploration of the stars, however, that prompted Moinet to devise some astonishing mechanisms and change the way humanity viewed time forever. Setting his sights on the stars, Louis Moinet invented the most precise time device of his era in 1816. A state-of-the-art piece, Compteur de Tierces (certified by two Guinness World Records™), was able to measure a sixtieth of a second, featuring a reset function and beating at 216K vibrations per hour, ten times more than the modern watch. 

A historical achievement, this would make Moinet the inventor of high frequency, which gave him a lead of 100 years compared to the rest of the market and immediately placed him among the great contributors to modern watchmaking. It was his passion for astronomy that prompted Moinet to make the timer as an astronomical transit instrument, originally mounted for use at sea, and adapted to track the movement of heavenly bodies from land. Indeed, its incredibly high frequency (216,000 v/h imparted 60 vibrations a second) was necessary to time the passage of the stars, planets and moons.

Having spent all of his life in the watchmaking industry, Jean Marie Schaller has always been fascinated by Louis Moinet’s history. Today, the Swiss citizen is acting as the founder, CEO and creative mind behind the modern maison, after having decided to resurrect the historic brand and protect its legacy. Indeed, Les Ateliers Louis Moinet continue to honor their incredible 200-year heritage, while bringing it to the 21st century. Furthermore, the brand has been crowned with nearly 50 of the most prestigious international awards, including 2 Guinness World Records, a Unesco distinction and a Best of the Best from Red Dot Design and the Robb Report. Using the latest technology and featuring exotic materials, the house specializes in the creation of covetable and unique high-end timepieces. 

A passion for undiscovered stars is still prevalent today in Les Ateliers Louis Moinet. Extraterrestrial fragments such as lunar or martian meteorites, genuine space conquest-flown material and other ultra precious materials are often incorporated into the timepieces. Les Ateliers Louis Moinet leads the industry in innovation, both in products and in the digital space. Moinet’s heritage draws a lot of parallels to the Crypto world, with both sharing the same admiration for the stars. Crypto capabilities offer a whole new dimension of endless exploration. 

The first limited edition NFT collection of Les Ateliers Louis Moinet and the luxury NFT marketplace Exclusible offers a new way for watch enthusiasts to experience Haute Horlogerie. All of the NFT timepieces in this collection maintain full functionality in their virtual form, staying true to the original vision of Louis Moinet and bringing watchmaking into the new age of Web3.