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Madalia - The Pioneers Collection

Madalia - The Pioneers Collection

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About MADALIA World

Madalia is the first true Metaverse project in that it bridges the Real and the Virtual worlds together over a story that spans thousands of years and that you can explore on your terms either on your devices or with your own two feet.

Madalia's platform is unique since not only does our Virtual World include a Digital Twin of Madeira Islands but it can also be explored either remotely (using your desktop or mobile device) or while visiting the island where by making use of Augmented Reality you will be able to see and explore not only what the real island has to offer but also what the virtual community has built on the island.

This along with a heavy focus on the exploration of 18.000 years of Hollywood-quality fiction and mythology that goes side by side with the 600 years of real history of Madeira makes Madalia one of the most content-rich Virtual Worlds you have ever seen.

These are the 3 pillars of Madalia:

1 - A Metaverse-first IP made to be experienced where anyone can participate through the power of the blockchain.

2 - Multi-layer Digital Twin of Madeira Islands RECOGNISED by a real Government.

3 - Environmentally focused project that makes real change happen through virtual actions.

Go on an Adventure. Travel. Explore. Build. Live Madalia.