Madalia - The Pioneers Collection

What’s inside

About the Drop
For virtual plots of 9 hectares and 3 hectares, the buyer can choose the best location by filling out the form HERE. 
Madalia launches its first sale of 500 parcels of land and with it the first permit for virtual building permit recognised by a real Government EVER.

These 500 virtual land NFTs are situated in the Natural Park of Madeira Island. Due to its status as protected land, it can never be built up physically. Therefore, these NFTs hold the exclusive rights to build in a virtual environment and Madalia is Madeira's only government certified virtual world to do it.

The NFTs are structured into four different tiers that differ in size and price as well as their utilities and the "perks" given to the users. Silver and bronze tiers are available on The other high-end price tiers are only available for private sale.

Madalia's platform is unique in that not only our Virtual World includes a Digital Twin of Madeira Islands, it can be explored either remotely (using your desktop or mobile device) but also by using your "own two feet" while visiting the island where through AR you'll have access to see and explore what the community has built on the island.

This along with a focus on the exploration of 18.000 years of Hollywood-quality fiction and mythology that goes side by side with the 600 years of real history of Madeira makes Madalia one of the most content-rich Virtual Worlds you have ever seen. Finally, to offset our carbon footprint we'll be planting 1 tree per each NFT sold which accompanies our commitment to being Environment Aware by donating 10% of all Madalia Net Profits to a government regulated entity in charge of Nature Preservation.

About the Collab
Exclusible is collaborating with Madalia to launch this unique project to the world through this first Virtual Real Estate launch that also happens to be the first NFT drop in the world to offer a Government Recognised Permit for Virtual Construction.